What would you do with twelve kilos of spaghetti sauce?

As a School Based Police Officer I work full time at Kepnock State High School, although also liaise and interact with Bundaberg North State High School.

For the past two and a half years I’ve been running the “Walk of Life Program” – teaching students life skills which include cooking, leadership, self reliance and resilience. These skills are tested at the end of the program by having a group of students complete an expedition designed to challenge them in something they may not have experienced before.

This term the students have been working towards completing a 100 kilometre challenge, which will see them walking from Rainbow Beach to Noosa in five days. Participants have been selected from both Bundaberg North State High School and Kepnock State High School.

Throughout the term I’ve seen the students cook over twelve kilos of spaghetti sauce, curried mince and chilli con carne. These meals have then been loaded into dehydrators which reduces the weight by more than half. The finished product is then vacuum sealed and frozen, further eliminating the chance of any spoilage. Students will also be exposed to first aid lessons, navigation training and bush-craft lessons before and during their expedition.

Bundaberg North State High School Principal Ross Robertson watches over students Tory and Tarleah with Blake in the background preparing dehydrated and vacuum sealed ready to eat meals for their upcoming 100 kilometre challenge.

I work with a great team and we wish all the participating students a safe trip and look forward to sharing a full report on their return.

This program showcases the co-operation between the two new Independent Public Schools created in the Bundaberg area in 2017.

Thanks also goes to Domino’s Pizza, who have offered their support to this program by donating a welcome meal for the participants during the drive home from the hike. After five days in the bush eating dehydrated food, this generous donation will be much appreciated!

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